Red Valley

The Red Valley is best appreciated closer to sunset, when the red and pink rock lights up with the last rays of the sun. Abandoned old cave churches dot the valley along several trails. Be sure to climb the small peak overlooking the valley to get one of the best views in the region, over the valley in one direction, and towards Mount Erciyes in the other. 
One of the nicest & most most beautiful places to go walking in Cappadocia is the Red Valley (Kızılçukur) and Rose Valley (Güllüdere). The two valleys are next to each other and it is hard to know on which one you are walking. There are so many different trails. While you are walking, you will see many living quarters, vineyards, apricot and almond trees. Along the way you'll also see many ancient cave churches: such as Uzumlu Church (9th century), Kolonlu Church (11th century), Hacli Church (11th century), and Ayvali Church (12th century).