Monk Valley contains some of the best collections of mushroom shaped fairy chimneys in the region. The valley is small and set in a picturesque vineyard, with an excellent viewing point from the blinding white cliffs that surround it. Also called Pasabag, it is on the road from Goreme to Zelve. 
Pasabag (Monks Valley) is just another unique part of Cappadocia - not to be missed. In this valley, you can see many different types of fairy chimneys: multi-bodied, multi-headed, elongated, asparagus shaped, phallic shaped, cone shaped, pedestal shaped and Japanese eryngii (エリンギ) mushroom shaped ones. The valley got its name because Cappadocia had become a thriving monastic community by the 4th century. A chapel dedicated to St. Simeon was carved in one of the 3-headed fairy chimneys in the 5th century. You can climb up and visit this ancient chapel decorated with crucifixes, and antithetical crosses.