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Travel Guide to Cappadocia, Turkey

25 Aralık 2017 Travel

How to get to Cappadocia: In order to get to Cappadocia, you have to fly into Kayseri (Erkilet International Airport) from Istanbul. The flight is only about 45 minutes, and both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines offer super cheap flights (under $100). Prior to your arrival in Kayseri, ask your hotel for a shuttle from the airport, so that when you land, you’ll have someone waiting for you. The ride from Kayseri to Cappadocia is about 30 minutes, but could take up to an hour depending on how many stops the shuttle needs to make along the way. If you’re taking a shuttle back to the airport for your return, keep this in mind and leave a little bit of extra time to get to the airport!
How long to stay in Cappadocia: After staying in Cappadocia for just two nights/three days, we can say without a doubt that the perfect amount of time to stay in Cappadocia is three or four full days. This gives you enough time to explore the entire area and fit all of the best activities in. Also, if you can swing it, visit during the week. Hotels and airfare will be cheaper, and you’ll have less people in your hot air balloon basket.